Jim Nielsen
California State Senator
Legislative Sponsor of Capitol Reception
“My heart is always warmed Sergey when I am among the Inspiring Slavic community that you serve and represent so very well.
I am inspired to be with you! I appreciate the courtesies you always extend me!”
Alice Perez
AT&T Government Affairs
“Thank you for your commitment to our community and leadership!”
Tamara Petrick
General Manager
Domus Surfaces
RAM client for 15 years
“Dear Sergey Ivannikov, it is more than an honor to work with such fine people as yourselves. You humble me. Thank you with all my heart!”
Frank Gayaldo
Gayaldo International
“Sergey Ivannikov and your entire team are sure masters of networking. Honestly, I am personally quite sick of the word "networking" because it used so often. But your style is different. You have the Midas touch. Your connections are always right on target because you spend the time to truly understand who everyone in your circle truly is. That takes a lot of work, but you make it appear easy. Your style is sincere and totally unselfish. Thanks for allowing an Italian-Croatian-Spaniard-American grape grower from Lodi to participate in your wonderful events. I encourage all my friends, regardless of their ethnicity, to discover the magic that you create.”
Nancy Zarenda
Vice President
Hispanics In Energy
“Your 25 years outreach, influence, and quality activities in the region and state are impressive.”
Eugene Ivanilov
Baylight Limousine & Private Transportation
“That was an incredible event! Thank you Sergey Ivannikov as well as entire Russian American Media Team for making the Annual Best Business Awards Ceremony a success! Great people & great connections – super recipe for success!”
Augustine Joseph
“Thank you for opportunity to be part of your community and events. My wife Nancy also enjoyed it tremendously. We would like to continue being part of your community and serve in any possible ways.”
Criminal Law Attorney
RAM Client for 20 years
“You are the BEST. Great presentation and entertainment. Looking forward to next year and continued good relations.”
Olga Solovyeva
Real Estate Broker
South California
“Dear Sergey Ivannikov, and the RAM team organizing the Gala event!
Thank you very much for your hard work. It was one of the best event I attended lately. The program, participants, food, decoration everything was perfectly arranged. I was honored to be your guest, I’m happy to receive the Best RE Broker of Southern California award. It was fun event, with many respectful guests. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart!!!”
Jamie Corcoran
Division Region Vice President
First American Title
Best Awards Ceremony Sponsor
“How kind of you to acknowledge our partnership, Sergey. The event was dazzling and we are honored to support the community.”
Mary Yin Liu
McDonald’s Franchise
“Sergey Ivannikov,
Congratulations on a great International Kids Festival! Event turn out and spirit was really high - you are a gifted and determined organizer making things happen!”
Beverly "Babs" Sandeen
Executive Director
Yolo Community Foundation
“It was such a lovely evening, and I was and am deeply touched. Thanks to Russian American Media team for leadership for hosting this Capitol Reception!!!”
Michael Estes
Michael Estes Success Strategies
“The Best by Russian-Speaking Community Business Awards Ceremony is one of the greatest annual events! Thank you Sergey Ivannikov, you’re a blessing to the Sacramento community!!!”
Marianna Pristupa
Miss Russian California 2015
“Russian American Media is an impressive organization with a great team in place. They are very professional, communicable and a pleasure to work with. Their events are always well put together! It would be nice to see more organizations that stand for the good in humanity and that make it a priority to contribute positively to our society. Thank you for the opportunity to get involved.”
Linda Freeman
Campus Director
Asher College
“I just wanted to tell you what a great time we had! It was such a wonderful Festival. It was so well run. You guys did an amazing job. We loved it. We look forward to future events and we will definitely want to be involved next year!”
Vera Tolstova
Hair Solutions
“Congratulations. It takes a lot of hard work to put on a Festival of that magnitude. Well Done!!! We are so happy to be a partner with Russian American Media and be a part of International Kids Festival!”
Meenakshy Bhaskar
Bhaskar's Arts Academy, California
“Thank You! We truly enjoy the In a lot. Thank you for all the hard work. We are looking forward to next year too. Congrats on a successful event!”
Vice President
“Thank you, we appreciate the partnership. You do an amazing job in the community. We look forward to continuing to work together.”
Best Awards Ceremony Guest
RAM has the best Slavic community event in California for sure. Every year the event gains more and more followers due to the unmatched quality of entertainment. This year was no exception. From the word know performers, to the top notch masters of ceremony like Mark S Allen and others, it was another unforgettable event. Thank you so much Russian American Media (RAM), and Sergey Ivannikov for being the best representatives of our community.
Katerina McTeer
I am thankful and honored that I was able to be one of the sponsors at the Annual Business Awards Ceremony & Gala. The event was very well organized, & held in Sacramento, California. Being a photographer to be able to capture the beautiful event was so fun. Happy to be a part of this community! Huge thanks to Sergey Ivannikov for inviting me!
Kim Rhinehelder
Eskaton Foundation
It was a beautiful and successful program. Congratulations to RAM team!
Inna Stiblina
Inna’s Photography
Thank you for organizing and hosting Multicultural Business & Career Expo. This event is like a breath of fresh air for Sacramento. As always, everything was perfect! This important and necessary event helps to learn about various businesses in Sacramento and the Bay Area. I promoted my product, increased the activity of my social media accounts, and made many friends!
Murdock Smith
Executive Director
Highlands Community Charter and Technical Schools
With the help of Russian American Media, Highlands has provided thousands of Slavic and many other multicultural residents the opportunity to learn English as a second language, earn their U.S. high school diploma, and learn a skill. All at No Cost!
Thank you Sergey Ivannikov and RAM team for all you do for the community!
Nina A. Martinez
Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation

It was a pleasure and honor to participate at the Multicultural Business & Career Expo. The networking was a great opportunity for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR). CDCR looks forward in participating in next year’s expo!
Shavonne Powell
Program Director
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Sacramento
Thank you for inviting us to a great event! My staff enjoyed meeting and networking with the other agencies and community members. We would definitely love to participate again next year.
Priya Sharma Langley
Senior Community Engagement Representative
SAFE Credit Union
Thank you, it was a pleasure to be at Multicultural Business & Career Expo. This was and always is a successful event for us. Every one was so nice and supporting. And yes we would love to attend the next one.
Matilde Calderon
Insurance & Financial Services
Thank you for the invitation to the Multicultural Business & Career Expo. It is a pleasure for me to be a part of such a great event. Thank you again for the opportunity!
Paul De La Torre
Entrepreneur, Author and Business Trainer
Had a great day with fabulous business people at the Multicultural Business & Career Expo. Sergey Ivannikov and his team bring an exceptional event to our region... thank you all!
Erin Maurie
Director of Communications and Policy
First 5 Sacramento
A great turnout at Multicultural Business & Career Expo. I love connecting with our community. Nice job Sergey Ivannikov and RAM team!
Lori Okamoto
Supplier Diversity Advocate

Glad to support the Multicultural Business & Career Expo and to promote SMUD's career opportunities along with business and residential programs and services.
Sergey Terebkov
Slavic-American Chamber of Commerce
Congratulations Sergey Ivannikov, and organizing team with successful Multicultural Business & Career Expo!
Danetta Jackson
Program Manager
DGS Procurement Division
Thank you for your continued partnership. DGS would love to support the Multicultural Business & Career Expo next year.
Pauline Roccucci
City of Roseville
We want to thank you for inviting us to the Multicultural Business & Career Expo. We knew some of the people and met even more fine people. We were able find out about businesses in our community. Thank you for this special opportunity to share with others how Excel Roseville is working with children and their families.
Senator Ted Gaines (Ret.)
California Board of Equalization
Through the Multicultural Business & Career Expo, Sergey Ivannikov and RAM team have worked with neighboring businesses to promote our economy, reduce unemployment, and give an opportunity for many in our local community.
Kevin Barri
Region Bank President
Wells Fargo Bank
The local team at Wells Fargo is very excited to be a part of and sponsor the Multicultural Business & Career Expo with the Russian American Media team! This is such an important opportunity for our community to come together and share our cultural history as well as connect with business leaders and owners across our region.
Cintia Castorena
General Manager
Cricket Wireless
We really enjoyed the Multicultural Business & Career Expo and met wonderful people. We look forward to next year.
Paul Joiner
City of Lincoln
This was a great opportunity to promote Lincoln and the Lincoln Area Chamber of Commerce to folks who may not be aware of all that we have to offer their businesses at the Multicultural Business & Career Expo! Our friend Sergey Ivannikov, Founder and CEO of Russian American Media is, as always, a hard working and gracious host.
Vanessa Beyer
Outreach Coordinator
Compass Charter School
International Kids Festival Sponsor
Thank you for an amazing event-- we had a great time and got many great leads! We will for sure sign up for the next one :-) Thanks again-- you all did a great job!
Ben Avey
Chief Public Affairs Officer
WellSpace Health
The International Kids Festival provided WellSpace Health a unique opportunity to connect with our neighbors and share the care and services available to them. Special thanks to Russian American Media for hosting such a wonderful event!
Dr. Milstein
Marina Milstein Orthodontics
It was great to be a part of a community today, meet so many new friends, and say hello to our existing patients. Thank you for stopping by our booth! Hope everyone enjoyed some educational information, games, special prizes, and giveaways!! Until next year, @internationalkidsfestival
William Jerome
Owner Luminescent Grand
Performer at the Best Business Awards Ceremony & Gala
It was such a pleasure to perform for you all. Your crew was awesome, your contestants were wonderful, the event was very fun and you are the man! I really enjoyed working with you and please let me know if you have anything else going on I can be involved with. Thank you so much for the opportunity!
Dr. Tatyana Pihur
Skyline Dental Studio
It was purely my pleasure to attend and support such an amazing event. You put a lot of time and effort into this and it definitely shows.
Stephen Tse
Vice President
Ameriprise Financial
I thoroughly enjoyed the various entertainments in this special and spectacular event. I wish the world would stop so that I can continue to have such happy feeling.
Lisa Afu
Tonga Community Volunteer
There are no words to express how much we appreciate and are blessed to be part of the Christmas Lights event! Our kids had a blast and we pray that God continue to bless you Sergey and your family and the WHOLE RAM team. We are blessed by your organization and I know God will pour down many more blessings your way!
Laura Koehn
Associate Pastor of Children's Ministries
Capital Christian Center
Thanks to all of you for giving your heart for these kids. It's such a special night! We love it!
Linda Budge
City of Rancho Cordova
How beautiful Sergey! After reading to a first grade class at Navigator today, I spoke to a little boy who not only had limited English but also had a speech difficulty. He was an eager kid who had so many thoughts and reactions to talk about, but just was not able to make himself understood. When I introduced myself to him later using my few Russian phrases, he was absolutely delighted. I owe all of that to you and your compatriots from the many Russian speaking countries. If you had not all come here to live, I – we - would never been enriched like that. Thank you for being part of our Community!
Joshua Paul
Chick-fil-A Arden Fair
Christmas Lights is the one of my favorite events every year!
Natalya Zablotsky
Forever Living
It was such an amazing event, thank you so much Russian American Media for your huge work which brings many blessing to our community and thank you so much Sergey Ivannikov for your support and help my business to grow!
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